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After Breaking Away from Beats, Monster Searches for New Identity

A powerful little speaker pumps out soulful electronic music on the table as Noel Lee gleefully pours a glass of ice water it. The SuperStar BackFloat manages to continue functioning, pleasantly bumping away while water droplets and ice cubes bounce off its black exterior with every beat.

Lee is the founder of Monster, a company once known for crafting Beats headphones and, before that, for expensive audio cables. This past weekend, Lee was in Seattle to show off his company’s latest wireless speaker line (and to speak at MindCamp). The Monster SoundStage is a multi-room speaker system using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that looks to compete with Sonos. But the star in Monster’s lineup is the waterproof BackFloat.

While the founder’s card says Head Monster, Lee is a little bit like the patriarch of his family-owned business. Monster started in a garage as a company selling high-end audio cables when stores were giving low-quality cables away for free. He talked salespeople and audiophiles alike into the idea that better cables could result in better sound.


Monster has seen success replacing technical details with an appeal to ego in its advertising. Some people see Monster’s $100 HDMI cable as a needless markup for a product that functions the same as a $7 equivalent, but the emotional appeal of luxury electronics helped Monster sell the world on Beats by Dr. Dre.

Lee is partially responsible for the craze of big, gaudy headphones seen on athletes, rappers, college kids and rock stars. Monster was Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s original partner for Beats, but the musicians and Monster parted ways in 2012. Dre and Iovine kept Beats, first as a partnership with HTC and eventually selling to Apple in 2014. Monster kept Lee’s engineering know-how and love of audio.

“We call him the golden ear,” business manager Robin Lee said. “People look to Monster to see where the trends are going, since [Lee] is the one that created the biggest headphone market.”

While Beats undeniably set trends, it remains to be seen if Monster can maintain that reputation.

The BackFloat is one of only a handful of powerful yet waterproof speakers on the market, but it’s not going to turn many heads. Sure, the construction is solid and the sound is loud enough to hear even as a truck rolls by on a busy Seattle street. But it doesn’t set a trend like Beats did. The Jambox by Jawbone is the obvious trendsetter in the space, with plenty of copies available on Amazon.

Monster’s new Bluetooth earbuds are also innovative, sticking so snuggly to the side of the head that users can wear a helmet over them. Again, it’s a welcome improvement to an existing product type, but it’s not the trendsetter that Beats was. That doesn’t worry the Head Monster.

The latest push for Monster is mobile devices. The company has a full lineup of speakers and headphones, but Monster is also pushing battery packs, cables and transmitters for tablets and phones.

The Reviews of Beats by Dr Dre vs Monster DNA Headphone

Monster beats are the abundantly air-conditioned searching Beats Executive by Dr Dre which appear with a nice harder awning backpack case and a ambit of cable accessories to ensure you can bung into any accessory that you accept lying around, the one cable aswell has a accessible ambassador on them for your Android or iOS accessory which I begin to be abundantly useful.

The ear cups were luxuriously bendable and were actual adequate for continued aeon of use and the accessible aphasiac advantage on the angle was in fact way added advantageous than I thought.

monster beats

Basically you artlessly advance in the beats arresting on the appropriate cup and the music is instantly muted, abundant for if anyone walks over and starts face at you.

It’s accessible that these headphones are advised for biking as they bend collapsed and backpack abroad calmly in their baby case, I would adulation to accept a set of these on my next continued flight.

Monster Beats Headphones – The Embodiment of Elegance and Reliability

Today, these headphones are very popular in Kazakhstan, because their quality is not questioned. It is achieved through a combination of good value and quality of the device – despite the fact that they are used in professional audiostudiyu, for its price, they do not differ much from the “headphones” high quality, which makes them available for people far from show business.

The history of the brand

More than a decade ago, the famous American rapper, who works under the pseudonym Dr. Dre decided to personally engage in the creation of audio, which would at the same time as high-quality as a professional, and affordable for ordinary consumers. Official website of Monster Beats headphones provides information about the most popular in Kazakhstan headphone models, although in the distant 2006, there were only a few. It was then that the author of the development began to produce unique products, which quickly attracted the attention of business representatives. Already in 2008, Monster Cable has signed a contract with Dr. Dre, thanks to which today, these headphones are spread all over the world under the brand Monster Beats.

Advantages of the original equipment

For more than ten years, Beats by dr. Dre confidently hold its position in the international market due to its audio quality. This success provides such advantages:
Incredible sound quality that conveys just as classic creations and contemporary music; Ease of use and ergonomic design;
The relatively low cost;
Do not harm the ear, even with prolonged use. All these characteristics make Monster Beats outlet possible to use them as ordinary people (while traveling or at work / at the computer game), and a master record in special studios.

How to distinguish a fake?

The reverse side of popularity – a large number of counterfeit headphones on the market. Usually, they are sold in small shops at extremely low price – remember that these cheap Monster Beats may not be worthwhile. Another feature – the packaging and its contents. Original box should be deliberately large, so that it can be folded additional accessories and equipment, which is very convenient in-town travel.

Monster Beats Launches Rose Gold Headphones

LAS VEGAS — Monster, the aggregation which originally launched Beats headphones, continues to hunt the cast it already helped create.

At 2016 CES, Monster continued its band of DiamondZ headphones with several new colors, including rose gold. Apple affected the now-trendy accent in September with the accession of the rose gold iPhone 6S. Soon after, cheap Monster Beats — which Apple acquired in 2014 — alien a brace of rose gold headphones.


Now, Monster is capitalizing on rose gold with the accession of the on-ear headphones ($349), which will aswell appear in bright dejected and white. The rose gold Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones amount $299.

While Apple has accepted it alien the blush to the iPhone as a allotment of an accomplishment to baby to consumers in Asia, those articles accept resonated with users both in the U.S. and internationally. Added companies, including battling Samsung, accept noticed and responded: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 got the rose gold analysis aback in October. It shouldn’t appear as too abundant of a abruptness that Monster Beats outlet is dabbling in pink, too.

As Monster approaches its 20-year anniversary, it says it is all-embracing a “rebirth” with a greater accent on lifestyle. In band with the move, the aggregation appear several added new articles at its columnist appointment on Tuesday, including adidas-branded action headphones and two gaming headsets in affiliation with retired able gamer Fatal1ty.

What acceptable Monster Beats

None of the inventions of flesh has such a continued history of development, such as music. Before the era of abstruse advance accept to absolutely acceptable music can be alone in appropriate places, but on the bazaar today, you can acquisition the accessories by agency of cheap Monster Beats which one can asperse yourself in your own agreeable world. Of course, this will crave alone the accomplished superior products, and that these are the headphones Monster Beats by Dr. Dre.

The website you to acquisition the assorted types of headphones from a acclaimed manufacturer, Monster Cable company. It is in 2008 active a arrangement with the acclaimed rapper, acting beneath the pseudonym Dr. Dre’s, he and added assembly of appearance business, created a absolutely high-quality artefact that is appropriately accepted accepted for its accomplished quality-price ratio.


His accomplished superior Monster Beats owe the best DJ and ambassador States. They are acclimated by all: the accepted people, and the aboriginal being in the all-embracing music industry, and all due to these advantages:

1.Excellent sound, provided behindhand of the agreeable brand to which the currently arena song, aggregate and timbre;

2.A advanced ambit of models that accommodated the needs of every music lover;

3.Stylish architecture and acceptable ergonomic band-aid – they are consistently useful.

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Why is it bigger to buy from us

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